Hi, my name is Phil Chen and if you are reading this you either know me or have come across one of my blog entries while on the net, either way thanks for stopping by. This site is a collection of things I have learned, experienced, or am interested in. Since I work in the technology industry and also it’s one of my life long hobbies, most of the content is definitely techie oriented.

A brief history of me is that I have been messing with computers in some fashion or another since about first grade, thanks to my dad. I started programming in BASIC on a VIC 20, then on an IBM XT in the early years. Later on I did the majority of my mucking around on a Packard Bell with the first Pentium 60MHz P5 chip.

With all the time spent growing up with computers, when it came college time I decided to go to San Diego State University and get a degree in I/O Psychology and a minor in Sociology emphasis on social control, pretty much the polar opposite of anything computer related. I figured it would make me a more, well rounded person and for the most part I believe it did. Since graduating college I have worked in a number of technology companies in various fields.

Previous adventures:

Amazon Web Services, GoPro, Wrapify, Forcepoint (Websense), SIPphone/Gizmo5, Excite@Home, AT&T, CERFnet


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For Fun…

When I am not busy working, I like to run, hike, practice Muay Thai, Yoga, play hockey, work on classic cars, read books, watch movies, and just relax.