AWS EC2 64-bit CentOS 6.3 Public AMI ‘s (EBS and Instance-Store)

February 4, 2013

For those of you looking for a 64-bit CentOS 6.3 AMI (Amazon Machine Image) to use or to create your own snapshot or custom AMI from, I have created both Instance-store and EBS backed Public AMI’s.

This is great if you just need a basic clean install of CentOS 6.3 or if you need to create your own custom image, read my blog How to create an Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud EC2 Machine Image (AMI) CentOS 6 S3 Backed or EBS Backed and skip to “Steps to create a EBS Backed AMI from your S3 Backed Instance”.

You can find these AMI’s available in the Amazon Web Services Dashboard, or via the below links.

Instance-store backed AMI

US East (Northern Virginia) – ami-d51d93bc
US West (Northern California) – ami-34f6d671
US West (Oregon) – ami-e49d16d4
EU (Ireland) – ami-605c5314
Asia Pacific (Singapore) – ami-d1733183
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) – ami-84b00a85
Asia Pacific (Sydney) – ami-2726b11d
South America (Sao Paulo) – ami-433fe75e

40 Gigabyte EBS Backed AMI

US East (Northern Virginia) – ami-9dc348f4
US West (Northern California) – ami-e497b7a1
US West (Oregon) – ami-b866ed88
EU (Ireland) – ami-409b9434
Asia Pacific (Singapore) – ami-9ab4f6c8
Asia Pacific (Tokyo) – ami-1fd85d1e
Asia Pacific (Sydney) – ami-d2eb7de8
South America (Sao Paulo) – ami-df4c94c2

Also a great resource for free Realtime AWS uptime data is Systems Watch


You can use it as you like, however we (Phil Chen / are not liable for any of your use or misuse of the image. We offer this free image to help the community of cloud users and cloud builders.

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