50+ Million Objects Totaling 220+ Terabytes in Amazon Web Services S3 Cloud

June 27, 2011

As Director of Systems Engineering for VMIX, one of the best parts of my job is to share data for different technologies we use and have success with.

One of the most interesting statistics we have is how many objects/files we store in Amazon Web Services S3. We at VMIX take pride in our hybrid global cloud architecture which helps us scale to meet any demand. Below are graphs showing some of our growth in both number of files as well as total data month over month.






In conclusion investing in creating a hybrid global cloud architecture was worth the engineering time invested. Given the amount of storage we handle monthly using cloud resources was a natural progression to meet the demand.

By architecting EC2 processing clusters and leveraging S3 storage we have been able to focus our energy on our products and services versus provisioning infrastructure hardware to meet scale. We now programmatically approach provisioning infrastructure in a more automated fashion allowing our services to perform more efficiently and elastically.


Graphs Powered by: mygraphs.com

Also a great resource for free Realtime AWS uptime data is Systems Watch

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