What is The Throughput For Pushing Files to Amazon S3?

April 6, 2009

So recently I wanted to test how fast it would take to push a large amount of data into the Amazon S3 Cloud Computing Service. I already had an idea of the throughput, but wanted to make sure with a large amount of data over time my assumption was correct.


Amount of Data: 165.85895 gigabytes
Average File Size of Data: 4.5 megabytes
ISP Connection Speed: 45 megabit connection
Method: Single Threaded Process


Amount: 165.85895 gigabytes
Time to completion: 19.06775 hours
Throughput: 22.31 megabit/second average



I have consistently seen on average 22 megabit/s speeds for pushing files onto S3. Occasionally I have seen the fastest speeds at around 35 megabit/s. This test helps bolster that, looks like Amazon rate limits it to this range.

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